Saturday, January 26, 2013

New year, new goal

I'm finally 100% recovered from the incredible season of racing in 2012 and feeling great in the 8-10 mile trail running distances.  Leadman wiped me out so much that I didn't have the energy to blog about it, but one of these days I really should devote some time to it.  It changed me in many good ways and I look very positively at the entire experience.

I signed myself up to run the North Fork 50 in June, which is a 50 mile trail race in and around Buffalo Creek. I made a New Years goal to run a 50 this year to keep my focus on trail running. I'm running stronger at this point of the year in comparison to last, so my confidence going into the preparation is strong and my training plan will officially begin on Feb 1.  My other goal is to weigh less than 150 on race day.

In addition to running, I'm loving the Charmichael training DVD series and keeping my biking fitness  sharp. I hope to put more tlc into the blog this year, but tonight isn't one of those nights.  Gotta run!

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